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assessing and then carefully removing the laminate.
For the first time in over a decade when I see myself in the mirror or in a photo I am overjoyed to see my own teeth and yes I can actually smile again.
Interestingly, since my bite is back to normal I seem to be getting less headaches than I have done for a decade.
With some follow up filling work and a good mouth hygiene session I am now ready to undergo whitening procedures and feeling very excited and positive.
Apart from the dilemma of my actual teeth I have a morbid fear of the dentist due to many traumatic and painful experiences.
Smiles 4 Miles were so kind and understanding I have to say it has been the most relaxed and totally pain free dental care I have ever had.
All I Can sayis if you need excellent, caring dental work then do yourself a favour and make an appointment - to feel good about yourself is LIFE CHANGING.

Leanne Stubbs

Having been diagnosed with an unusual condition which required the removal of a large back tooth. I was referred to a specialist dentist in Penrith who would perform the tricky extraction. While making the appointment I was put off by the unfriendly way my enquiries were handled at the desk and reaction when later I was forced to cancel and seek a new appointment time. It was then that I decided to seek a second opinion. I chose Dr Tony Younis because of some excellent work he had done on my teeth in the past.
Dr Younis confirmed the original diagnosis but said he was able to perform the extraction successfully himself - which he did with great skill and care. I was impressed with Dr Younis's approach, the friendliness and cpmetene of his assistants, the state of the art surgery and the overall professionalism of the practise.
Dr Younis is an experienced, skillful and caring dental surgeon who I would recommend without reservation.

Peter Gibson